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00:03 Core Bug #80871: Problem with condition [page|backend_layout = <value>] when inherited
no as with @ page@ you just ask for the current page
23:14 Core Feature #79910 (Rejected): Add an alias to Backend Layout record
Thanks for your feedback! However having an alias like in gridelements will still don't help you with deploying.
22:43 Core Epic #80535 (Accepted): Leftover tasks about javascript in TYPO3 Backend
22:30 Core Bug #80949 (Resolved): Remove forgotten update wizard of CSC
Applied in changeset commit:a627e3fc7f74ad76597e1dd51337f0518dbe234b.
22:29 Core Bug #80687 (Needs Feedback): sysext "version" results in error 500 in typo3 8.7.0
please clear the caches including apc, ...
if you still have the issue, please comment!
22:27 Core Bug #80688 (Needs Feedback): Frontend not working in 8.7.0
I guess absRefPrefix is not set?
22:15 Core Bug #80871 (Closed): Problem with condition [page|backend_layout = <value>] when inherited
With this condition you are just checking for the current page row. you would need to check @backend_layout_next_leve...
22:11 Core Revision a627e3fc: [BUGFIX] Remove update wizard of css_styled_content
With #80876 an update wizard has been removed but its reference
in the ext_localconf.php must be removed as well.
22:10 Core Bug #80888 (Needs Feedback): GeneralUtility::removeXSS() doesn't respect base64 encoded links
I am in favor of closing this issue. Since 8.2 @GeneralUtility::removeXSS@ has been marked as deprecated and has been...
22:06 Core Bug #80931 (Needs Feedback): Certain input in HTML-Element (BE) causes Typo to produce a 403 error
I can not reproduce that. can you test that on a different server?

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