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20:02 Core Task #78997 (Rejected): Make default value translateable
17:54 Core Bug #82798 (Closed): Linkhandler for records works only when BE user is logged in


12:36 Core Bug #82774: Check license compatibility upon extension install
why shouldn't I be allowed to install any package I want on my server?


11:30 Core Feature #69340 (Resolved): Show backend user + avatar who deleted the record
Applied in changeset commit:b8aa20c3659275dbf18e5260791f142c4de19868.
11:12 Core Revision b8aa20c3: [FEATURE] Show user who deleted a record in recycler
Add the user who deleted a record to the recycler information and also
show the avatar of the user.
Resolves: #69340...


23:30 Core Bug #65340 (Resolved): Show error message when FLUIDTEMPLATE file path is incorrect
Applied in changeset commit:65cfbc4c7764140c5cc7db3f2b43fa40be53cfc6.
23:10 Core Revision 65cfbc4c: [BUGFIX] Better error messages for FLUIDTEMPLATE object
When using FLUIDTEMPLATE with Typoscript "template.file = filename",
it will fail silently if filename does not point...


15:30 Core Bug #82736 (Resolved): Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in Extbase/SignalSlot/Dispa...
Applied in changeset commit:41913e4034f1e40ce9cd8b5ec5577af97865af78.
15:26 Core Revision 41913e40: [BUGFIX] Use strict flag in signalslot dispatcher
To avoid exceptions with complex structures, the strict flag
must be used in the in_array check.
Resolves: #82736
09:00 Core Feature #82738 (Rejected): LinkHandler viewhelper
Thanks for creating this issue. However I don't see any sense in having this VH in the core. As you can have done it,...

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