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individual cell configuration when using row or column properties

Added by ben van almost 16 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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When you select a row of cells it would seem helpful sometimes if you could adjust properties for ALL selected cells like changing the tag from <td> to <th> or adjusting the width or background color. At this moment you would have to select all cells in that row or column individually to change their properties. So actually some kind of batch configuration.

(issue imported from #M2442)

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Feature #18308: htmlArea RTE: Usability improvements in table operationsClosedStanislas Rolland2008-02-26


Updated by Stanislas Rolland almost 14 years ago

See related issue #7667. TYPO3 4.2 includes a dialogue to set the properties of all cells in a column. Also includes a new checkbox in the row properties dialogue allowing to change the type and scope of all cells in a row.

A new field in the table properties dialogue also allows to define the general layout of table headers following guidelines for table accessibility.

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