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15:30 Static Info Tables Bug #82132 (Resolved): Composer install fails with additional languages required at the same time
Applied in changeset commit:26b0e983b96c80ae2656a430448b9750378fe696.
15:14 Static Info Tables Revision 26b0e983: [BUGFIX] Add column names when inserting static data
When the extension is used in a composer-based installation and another
language is configured as well, just as e.g.,...
04:43 Static Info Tables Bug #87906: itemsProcFunc_config -> indexField not working in TYPO3 9
If so, would this be a bug of TYPO3 9 or is it a documented breaking change from TYPO3 8?


06:18 Static Info Tables Bug #87906 (Needs Feedback): itemsProcFunc_config -> indexField not working in TYPO3 9
I doubt that the items array would be empty.
I would think that you need to add...
06:00 Static Info Tables Bug #87877 (Resolved): LocalizationUtility missing Import for TYPO3\CMS\Core\Site\Entity\SiteLang...
Applied in changeset commit:7747ca218c8e4a9cd53fd89d15456cda55fae566.
05:56 Static Info Tables Revision 7747ca21: [BUGFIX] LocalizationUtility missing import for SiteLanguage in TYPO3 9
Test for the existence of TYPO3\CMS\Core\Site\Entity\SiteLanguage
which exists only with TYPO3 9 LTS and test for ins...
04:30 Static Info Tables Bug #87943 (Resolved): Change Country Name Macedonia to North Macedonia
Applied in changeset commit:3bc5be0c393b443d2e86de43bb446f8e7ca4a65b.
04:17 Static Info Tables Revision 3bc5be0c: [Task] Change Country Name Macedonia to North Macedonia
Change-Id: Ic041ea56e134478ab7892808abd8473ae472d9d5
Resolves: #87943
04:00 Static Info Tables Bug #87983 (Resolved): The name of capital of Ukraine 'Kiev' is not correct
Applied in changeset commit:df89306461ac2d807ac498f2f37accb2ea159a10.
03:48 Static Info Tables Revision df893064: [BUGFIX] The name of the capital of Ukraine should be 'Kyiv'
Change-Id: Iacc898072ac19dcc921941bf674daf1aeda42e7a
Resolves: #87983

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