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DBAL - bigint (int8) values get converted to int4 by int-cast

Added by Michael Mondl about 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
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In my current project I have to use DBAL with MSSQL 2005 Enterprise.

Before a bigint value is stored to the db (INSERT and UPDATE), the bigint is casted to int by the following statement:
$v = (($mt{0}=='I')||($mt{0}=='F')) ? (int)$v : $v;

This statement can be found in file
at line 833 and 761.

Usually (32bit environment) php ints are of type int4 and therefore cut bigint values.

My current workaround is to change both statements to:
$v = (($mt{0}=='I')||($mt{0}=='F')) ? ereg_replace('[^[:digit:]]', '', $v) : $v;

I think this issue is similar to issue #0010965 which describes similiar problems with casting of float values.

PHP: 5.2.6
MSSQL: MSSQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
Typo3: 4.2.6
DBAL: 0.9.20
(issue imported from #M11093)


class.ux_t3lib_db.php-patch_v0.9.20 (1.62 KB) class.ux_t3lib_db.php-patch_v0.9.20 Administrator Admin, 2009-06-05 11:43

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Updated by Michael Mondl about 15 years ago

I added a patch which should workaround the problem I described and the issue 0010965.

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Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 14 years ago

Hi. I cannot reproduce the bug with PHP5.3.0 on a 32 bit platform. Trying to insert maximal value in 64 bits : 9223372036854775807 is OK.

Can you please provide more information?

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Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 14 years ago

Michael, did you use driver "odbc_mssql" or "mssql"?

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Updated by Xavier Perseguers about 14 years ago

No feedback for quite some time now. But after reading it again, the problem is probably that you run a PHP5 in 32 bit while having a database supporting 64 bits numbers. As my environment is fully in 64 bit, I cannot reproduce this behavior.

Furthermore, I don't think it makes sense anyway to locally (= in DBAL) fix this integer cast as I don't see the point being able to insert 64 bit numbers in a database but having to use them as string in PHP as you don't have a 64 bit version of it that handle 64 bit integers.

As such, I won't fix this bug that affect 32 bit version of PHP.


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