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TSconfig for page in workspace (mod.web_list.allowedNewTables)

Added by Jakob Berlin almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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If you have a page with a special TSconfig setup for inserting only content of a specific table (mod.web_list.allowedNewTables) and you have workspace version of that page where the setting is not setup (e.g. no setup in TSconfig column at all) then in the live workspace the setup from TSconfig of the workspace version is used (e.g. no config at all).
This results in a listing of all available content elements in live workspace instead of only content elements from the specified tables.

  1. Create a page and setup mod.web_list.allowedNewTables in TSconfig section.
  2. Goto workspace and setup something else for the page so a workspace version of the page will be created. May also remove the TSconfig setting for the page in the workspace.
  3. Switch back to the live workspace.
  4. Add content by clicking the icon on the top -> Now not only the configured tables are listed. Everything is listed instead.

TODO: Use TSconfig setup of current workspace version of page.


Updated by Ernesto Baschny almost 8 years ago

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I could not reproduce that. In step 3 going back to "live mode" I still get the restriction on the tables that was active in the live mode before (regardless of what I did in my draft workspace). Also as expected in the draft workspace as soon as I lifted the restriction again I could add every table (only in the draft workspace).

Maybe you published your workspace in between?


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 7 years ago

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