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List module: Make the selection of single record mode, multi-selection mode and the selection of the record type available via module menus

Added by Daniel Windloff almost 5 years ago.

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To make the features of the list module (EXT:recordlist) easy to find, add the main (currently implicit) selections to the module menu.
Remove the “activated clipboard” dependency from the selection mode.

Example 1:
The user wants to edit or remove multiple records.

Current situation:
The user has to scroll down, active the clipboard, scroll down and click to the multi selection mode (e.g. Clipboard 1).
The action itself (edit, remove) has no relation to clipboard features (move, copy, paste).

Proposed behaviour:
Select the single record mode or the multi-selection mode via module menu (in case of a deactivated clipboard). Select the clipboard via module menu in case of an activated clipboard.

Example 2:
The user wants to select an additional column (download a csv…).

Current situation:
Scroll to the table of the record type and click to the table title. If there are many record types and records, the link will be hard to find.

Proposed behaviour:
Select record type in the module menu.

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Updated by Christian Eßl over 1 year ago

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