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EXT:form - allow sender (in addition to from)

Added by Christian Hernmarck about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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A year ago I asked for the ReplyTo field... now it's another one: the "sender" field.

The reason is almost the same (not the mail adress given in the form as mail sender) with a little difference: a customer wants to have the mail address from the form in the mail client "from" column... (which is not the case with replyTo.

So I ask for the support of another field which is (technically) a step forward for TYPO3 mailform:

Possibility to configure a "Sender" (not the "from") - because the author of a mail does only press "submit" on the form but does not send the mail with his mail client - so technically the website owner or webhoster does send the mail which can be written in the mail so it also passes SPF without problems.

Sender: Address of the actual sender acting on behalf of the author listed in the From: field (secretary, list manager, etc.).

It's allowed to have more than one from (author) - but only one sender.

Since "senderEmail" and "senderName" is already used in tx_form we need another expression - a renaming (fromEmail,fromName or authorEmail, authorName) seems not to be an option (even if the technical expressions are different).

Maybe techsendEmail and techsendName (or realsender...) - inputs are welcome.

There is already a setSender in the Swiftmailer library. so the function to implement is almost the same as setFrom but IMHO without the Field option... (you don't want the "sender" to be dynamic...). I can send the patch, when the variable name is found....


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Sorry, this is not a bug. Definitely not :) TYPO3 6.2 does only receive priority patches. If you want, you can check the new form integration for TYPO3 v8, see #77910. With this new version it is very easy to implement new fields (even in the form editor). Try it out and see how it could be implemented for master. Thanks!


Updated by Bjoern Jacob almost 5 years ago

Christian, since a few weeks the new version of form is merged and part of 8.5. Did you already try it out?


Updated by Bjoern Jacob almost 5 years ago

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Closing this issue. Did not get any further reponsonse. If the settings of the new finishers are not good enough please open a new issue.

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