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08:40 Core Bug #70280: EXT:form custom action does not work any more since 7.4
A patchset is available. Would be great if you could review it. Try it out and vote :)


16:45 Core Feature #68771: EXT:form - Add contentObject functionality to form MailPostProcessor and introduc...
Example form to test this issue:...
15:27 Core Bug #70209: EXT:form - Allow setting classes via layout for elements in compatibilityMode
Here's an example form for testing this issue:...
14:58 Core Bug #70210: EXT:form - Validation of radiogroup/ checkboxgroup elements broken
Form to test this issue:...


15:46 Core Task #70219 (In Progress): EXT:form - Remove references in TypoScript and move settings to additi...
15:40 Core Bug #70208 (Closed): EXT:form - Problems with radiogroup in email
I cannot reproduce the problem. For testing I've used this setup:...


16:05 Core Bug #45605 (Closed): Forms: Optimize and fix certain validation rules
The validator is okay since it does more than just looking for a @ sign, check "code":
15:57 Core Bug #69801 (Closed): EXT:form - Integer filter is not working as expected
Works like a charm with v7.5. Closing this issue.
15:43 Core Task #70221 (New): EXT:form - characterList of trim filter should not be mandatory in form wizard
Right now setting a trim filter for a field requires the user to supply a characterList. This field is marked as mand...
15:38 Core Bug #69811 (Closed): EXT:form - trim filter does not seem to work
You're right. Just tested it again with the following form. One has to remember that just the first and last characte...

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