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15:43 Core Feature #77939 (Closed): EXT:form - allow sender (in addition to from)
Closing this issue. Did not get any further reponsonse. If the settings of the new finishers are not good enough plea...
15:40 Core Bug #78798 (Closed): EXT:Form mail and wizard issues
I am closing this issue. 6.2 is nearly dead. Version 8 is on its way. Upgrade to v8 and enjoy the new form editor and...


12:54 Core Bug #79519 (Resolved): pathinfo() does not strip sub-paths
While reviwieng the following problem was discovered:
bq. It looks like you id...


16:04 Core Feature #72270 (Closed): Form name attribute with depth for complex use cases
Awesome. I am closing this issue. As said, not possible in v7, included in v8. Well done.
15:52 Core Feature #79467 (Accepted): EXT:form - add form settings button to module header
15:44 Core Feature #79467 (Resolved): EXT:form - add form settings button to module header
Right now it is quite difficult for the user to edit the form settings. A new button should be added to the module he...
13:24 Core Task #79464 (Resolved): EXT:form - Fluid usage optimization
Claus suggested some very useful and necessary optimizations:
It might solve your issue to create a fresh View ins...


16:47 Core Task #79445 (New): EXT:form - add help text to form wizard
The form manager lists all existing forms and allows to add new forms. When creating a new form a form wizard is show...
16:23 Core Bug #79444 (New): EXT:form - add selected class to summary page
15:51 Core Task #69974 (Accepted): EXT:form - Optimize frontend templates
The only interesting attribute is role. Nowadays, aria is not that important anymore, thanks to HTML5 and the require...

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