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10:41 Core Task #80301 (Resolved): EXT:form - general cleanup
Some cleanup can be made regarding the viewhelper registration and the templates. Furthermore, the API has to be revi...


16:50 Core Task #80198 (New): EXT:form - documentation for v8
16:42 Core Bug #80197 (New): EXT:form - label with periods cazses PHP warning
When using a select field and the label of an option contains a period, the SelectVH throws an exception: 1476107295:...
16:41 Core Feature #80196 (Resolved): EXT:form - row element
Form should ship a row element which allows creating multi column forms. That way people can have form fields aligned...
16:30 Core Feature #80194 (Under Review): EXT:form - rename "page" to "step"
Within the form editor we call the structured elements which transport the form elements "page". This is not adequat....
16:28 Core Feature #80193 (New): EXT:form - optgroup feature
The form framework should support the optgroup feature.
16:27 Core Feature #80192 (Resolved): EXT:form - extend select form element
Extend the select form element. It should be possible to add an "empty value" with a label like "Please choose". If t...
15:51 Core Task #80190 (New): EXT:form - profiles for basic and more advanced users
EXT:form should ship the following 2 "profiles".
* profile for basic editors: the layout of the current form edito...
15:01 Core Task #80187 (Under Review): EXT:form - add confirmation message finisher to form editor
Right now, the confirmation message finisher is only available via YAML/ API. Make it also available within the form ...
14:44 Core Epic #80186 (New): EXT:form - strong defaults and UI/ UX optimization

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