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07:37 Core Bug #73609: Creating IRRE child element without language of parent element
Why was the mentioned patch not merged into v8 but master and v7?


08:16 Core Task #81793 (New): EXT:form - optimize labels of email to sender/ receiver finishers
Right now, the labels are hard to understand/ confusing. We should optimize them.


12:49 Core Bug #80974: Form Email finisher doesn't support templateRootPaths
Okay, fine with me :)


08:10 Core Feature #34241: EXT:form - Fill SELECT with OPTIONS from static_info_tables
This is for the old form extension (TYPO3 v7). In v8 it works differently. Since the legacy extension is not maintain...
08:08 Core Bug #80322: Form validation for fileallowedtypes could not be send empty
Please do not assign issues to people. Thanks :)
07:59 Core Bug #81572 (Closed): Form does not use submitButtonLabel provided by the BE user in the form GUI
I am closing this issue in favor of #81572.


11:30 Core Task #81650 (New): EXT:form - change naming and icon in new content element wizard
h2. Problem
At the moment, the new content element wizard lists the form plugin on the tab "Form Elements". The ti...


10:15 Core Bug #81123 (Needs Feedback): Allowed content elements in backend layout doesn't work
IMHO this is not a core feature. The "allowed" function is a feature of gridelements. Please test the behaviour with ...


17:05 wt_spamshield Support #61884 (Closed): wt_spamshield and femanager
As requested :)


07:40 Core Bug #80197: EXT:form - label with periods causes PHP warning
Thx Claus for your feedback. We will think about handling this issue. Maybe just add this to the documentation. We wa...

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