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19:12 Core Task #78393 (In Progress): Topbar header: whole area is link to


14:18 Core Task #78393 (Under Review): Topbar header: whole area is link to
The a tag inside the topbar header (linking to stretches over the full width of the surrounding e...


12:32 Core Task #78372 (Under Review): EXT:form - move v7 to compatibility7
For backwards compatibility we want to move form v7 to compatibility7.


23:55 Core Bug #77908 (Closed): media field in page properties with workspaces is broken
Closed as requested. Thanks for your feedback :)
23:54 Core Bug #32950: EXT:form - Confirmation mail to sender in FORM
Thank you for your feedback and great that you found a solution.


20:34 Core Bug #77235 (In Progress): Collision of page template partials having the same name as fluid_style...
Please, do not close this issue. I'm on it ;)


22:20 Core Bug #78206: Fluid ContainerViewHelper with jQueryNamespace="none" fail
A short chat with Claus Due:
bq. ...sounds like a problem in PageRenderer, not related to the ViewHelper. There is...


18:56 Core Bug #71570: CE "Special Menus" > pages hidden in menu are always excluded
A fast workaround is to make us of the tt_content.layout field.
h2. Create a new layout item...


10:29 Core Feature #77910 (Under Review): Introduce new form framework
10:29 Core Epic #77909 (New): Enhance EXT:form

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