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09:36 Core Task #69346 (In Progress): Forms: Optimize documentation
09:32 Core Task #69346: Forms: Optimize documentation
Nope. I want to push my changes to this issue. My plan is as follows:
* Use this ticket for pushing a quite big st...


21:46 Core Task #65543: Looks error page frontend
Your images are correct but are not the same. Because your messages have a description and that's why the title is pu...
16:34 Core Task #65543: Looks error page frontend
Check the attatched screenshots.
The last screenshot shows the vertical...


17:22 Core Bug #71599 (Closed): EXT:form is not processing post requests from different page
Closed as requested by author.


21:33 Core Bug #71565: EXT:FORM in 7 LTS: invalid url for action
Right now I'm not able to get realUrl to work. I'm having a composer based installation. Which realUrl version do you...


22:17 Core Bug #71565 (Needs Feedback): EXT:FORM in 7 LTS: invalid url for action
Could you please try the following example form:...
16:37 Core Bug #69395: EXT:form - Allow ReplyTo
Christian, could you please backport the solution of the master? See see


23:38 Core Bug #69376: EXT:form - OPTGROUP cannot be a child element of SELECT
Test form:...
23:18 Core Bug #69354: EXT:form - Date validator does not output message (hint)
Example form to test with:...

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