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17:57 TYPO3 Core Bug #86674 (Closed): Overriding translations does not fully works
Closed as requested by the author. Thanks mate!


08:12 TYPO3 Core Task #87393 (New): Create overview of used validation messages and their timestamps
The documentation of the form framework needs to have an overview of the used validation messages and their timestamp...


07:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #86773 (Closed): Include enable columns as default in BackendUtility getRootline
Closed as requested by author. Thanks mate!


22:05 TYPO3 Core Task #86892 (New): Provide bootstrap 4 templates
The form framework should ship bootstrap 4 templates. Maybe we can check the stuff Benji does with the bootstrap pack...
22:03 TYPO3 Core Task #84874 (New): Page module preview hook cleanup
22:01 TYPO3 Core Task #84878 (New): Restructuring the persistence manager code
22:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #85320 (New): Translation arguments not inserted into default value
22:00 TYPO3 Core Task #84876 (New): Restructuring the configuration manager code
21:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #84777 (New): Exception because of non existing form yaml after saving ContentElement
21:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #84595 (New): EXT:form tries to get identifier from string

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