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12:59 Core Task #75963: Document how to create custom postprocessors in FORM
Yes, this needs to be documented for TYPO3 7 (and maybe 6). For TYPO3 8 the whole postProcessor functionality will be...


13:19 Core Feature #63664 (New): EXT:form - Allow registering of custom PostProcessors


16:57 Core Bug #75747 (Under Review): EXT:form - predefined forms issues with caching
The predefined forms functionality - introduced in #72309 - is not working as expected. Since the object is not of ty...


16:02 Core Bug #75576 (Under Review): EXT:form - inArray Validator broken
The inArray Validator is broken since this "patch":


22:26 Core Feature #69974: EXT:form - Add special attributes for more accessibility and for validation purposes
With version 7 and 8 it's possible to add the HTML5 attribute "required".
Some first, interesting insights regardi...
18:30 Core Bug #75551 (New): Exception in BackendModuleRequestHandler
Steps to reproduce:
* Open info module (not log module)
* Choose "Log" from function drop down
* Change somethin...
14:22 Core Task #69878 (Closed): Use ModuleTemplate API for ext:form
Discussed this during the UXWeek. We decided to close this issue and concentrate on new features ;)
11:18 Core Task #69959 (New): EXT:form - Optimize Classes/Domain/*
After discussion with Benni, this should be done after the new form wizard is available (ExtJs is gone).
10:41 Core Bug #74048 (Closed): Validation for Email leads to InvalidArgumentException in MailPostProcessor
Currently, this won't be tackled. IMHO, we have to harden the form wizard in the backend to avoid entering invalid em...
10:19 Core Task #62674 (Closed): Port EXT:form to jQuery and TWBS
I'm closing this issue. We're working on a "blueprint": to not only port ...

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