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18:18 Core Bug #78464: Width of module menu
Updated the steps to reproduce. Play around with it a bit. Tested it with current Chrome.


10:11 Core Feature #77939 (Needs Feedback): EXT:form - allow sender (in addition to from)
Sorry, this is not a bug. Definitely not :) TYPO3 6.2 does only receive priority patches. If you want, you can check ...


21:14 Core Task #78509: Optimize view of Info -> Page TSconfig on page 0
Thx Wouter. What do you think should we do? This module is the only one which behaves a little bit different compared...
17:06 Core Bug #76308: Ext:form - Drag fields into a fieldset not working
In November we will have another code sprint for EXT:form. Let's see if we can easily fix it.
08:26 Core Task #78509 (New): Optimize view of Info -> Page TSconfig on page 0
Steps to reproduce:
# Click on Info module
# Choose Page TSconfig submodule
# Click on page 0
A table head is...
08:19 Core Task #78508 (New): Switch TYPO3 logo to svg
There are several places in the backend where the TYPO3 logo is a png image. IMHO the svg logo should be used instead...


15:04 Core Bug #78478 (Closed): Element partial root path is ignored
Awesome. Thank you for your feedback.


12:34 Core Bug #78464 (New): Width of module menu
There is an issue with the width of the module menu when toggling it. Steps to reproduce:
* Close module menu
* R...
12:20 Core Task #78463 (Resolved): Change Topbar logo
The TYPO3 logo in the topbar header is a png currently (/typo3/sysext/backend/Resources/Public/Images/typo3-topbar@2x...


19:12 Core Task #78393 (In Progress): Topbar header: whole area is link to

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