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Epic #77810: Improve (responsive) image handling

Scaling of images and subsequent cutting/cropping

Added by Joerg Boesche over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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A missing feature in the new image manipulation is the scaling of the image.

An editor uploads an image by placing a price as an eye-catcher.
The image should have the image format (4: 3 or 16: 9, ...) on the tablet or phone presentation and shows the important information and not only the price with the current and existing crop area and focus area on the original image.

The editor would like to scale down the original image and then define the image format and the final cut and maybe a focus area.
Similar to ImageMagick technology with "600c + 0 x 400c + 0". Proportional down scaling of the image and finally cut to 600 x 400 pixels and centered.


Updated by Joerg Boesche over 4 years ago

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Ticket will be closed. A editor does not need to scale down the image with the backend GUI.
This behaviour can be reached with the "maxW" and "maxH" attribute in f:image or f:media viewhelper. The image manipulation cropArea is relativ to the original image. If the image is scaled down with the viewhelper and after that the crop-Area manipulation is done, the result will work like a charm!

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