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Make inheritances of access control settings for BE users / groups more intuitive

Added by Sybille Peters over 1 year ago.

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Current state

It seems, you can override settings in BE supgroups or in users, but only add additional checkmarks, not uncheck already checked options.

If a group checks one of the options to e.g. give access to modules, tables, etc., a subgroup or user can check additional ones, but not revoke the already given checkmark.

I did not test this for all the settings, I am assuming for now it is the case.

However, the settings that have already been defined are not reflected in the GUI. A setting may be shown as unchecked, when in fact it is active because already set in parent group.


It would be good to see the settings for the parent group(s) (or rather the current state) in the access control lists of the group and user, e.g.

- if set: show as checked and disabled (you cannot make changes)
- if not set: show as unchecked and not disabled (you can make changes)

Additionally, if set, it would be very convenient to show the group where it has been set.


current state: The modules page, view etc. have already been set by the groups. Currently these settings are shown as unchecked, which makes it difficult to keep track of settings.

Current state


Proposal with disabled checkboxes and groups


access.png (51.8 KB) access.png Current state Sybille Peters, 2019-09-24 10:28
access2.png (63.4 KB) access2.png Proposal with disabled checkboxes and groups Sybille Peters, 2019-09-24 10:43

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