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Re-introduce „Collapse Branch“ (recursivly) as page tree action

Added by Ulfried Herrmann 12 months ago.

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In short:
We are using TYPO3 v7.6 (ELTS) and I enjoy using a feature which was removed in V8: Collapse Branch. Is there any chance to re-introduce it in V10?

In long:
The page tree of our main site includes about 24.000 pages (with hidden pages and all doktypes). Most of our editors are responsible for much smaller subtrees, but main editors and admins provide first level support too all departments. In most cases editors tell us a page id (or we can investigate it in the FE HTML code) where we have to solve a problem or give help. Knowing the pid allows to easily find a page quickly in the tree. Working on it will expand the page tree to this page, which will be remembered by TYPO3.
Doing it several times a week will expand the tree more and more. Until now we can collaps the tree recursively after work is done, but in v8 + 9 there remain two options: collapse manually (which can be annoying) or click the triangle before a top level page to collapse quickly (and not recursivly) – but in this case it can be unexpected if the whole remembered subtree expands again (which is less a question of performance than of loosing focus).

Thanks in advance!


CollapseBranchV7.6.png (23.9 KB) CollapseBranchV7.6.png Ulfried Herrmann, 2020-01-23 16:40

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