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17:00 Core Bug #80391 (Resolved): CSC should not reset styles_content constants
Applied in changeset commit:35d6b2b3494a79c8f26543ac66d0123499674ff6.
16:38 Core Revision 35d6b2b3: [TASK] Do not clear constants in CSS Styled Content
The constants within `styles.content` were cleared
via CSS Styled Content which did not allow to define
any constants...
14:07 Core Bug #80394 (Accepted): ckeditor: js error when changing a link
10:30 Core Bug #80391 (Resolved): CSC should not reset styles_content constants


14:30 Core Bug #80287 (Resolved): Hidden fields carry no value
Applied in changeset commit:d1f017a8d881e58c238592edaae8e7cca6097fed.
14:30 Core Task #80301 (Resolved): EXT:form - general cleanup
Applied in changeset commit:d1f017a8d881e58c238592edaae8e7cca6097fed.
14:01 Core Revision d1f017a8: [TASK] Streamline EXT:form code
* Register "formvh:" as global namespace, simplifying the templates
* Remove formvh:be.pageRenderer and add the missi...


09:30 Core Bug #80058 (Resolved): Module Menu only allows for pagetree component to render
Applied in changeset commit:51b5fad91efa5bef84bec16f3ae3738c382da5f1.
09:02 Core Revision 51b5fad9: [BUGFIX] Allow any navigation component to load in BE
Since the ExtJS viewport refactoring in 8.5, it is not possible
anymore to load any other registered navigation compo...
07:30 Core Task #80266 (Resolved): Move config.sys_language_softExclude to compat7
Applied in changeset commit:dc6bf6e4e15f3a5a4525577231c26430167e3db3.

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