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01:00 Core Task #80586 (Resolved): Restructure typolink tag generation
Applied in changeset commit:d89c734e5cf996b3eeffc335f09d7f97fb6a12b6.
00:37 Core Revision d89c734e: [TASK] Restructure typolink tag generation
Information for creating the target and the class information etc. is
spread through the main function. Putting every...


22:46 Core Task #80586 (Under Review): Restructure typolink tag generation
17:30 Core Task #80554 (Resolved): Streamline ToolbarItems code
Applied in changeset commit:55be5f0f3916e98bc72db8297b5b82d5da594129.
17:14 Core Revision 55be5f0f: [FOLLOWUP][CLEANUP] Streamline backend toolbar items
Showing the composer mode label was not translated anymore while cleaning up.
Resolves: #80554
Releases: master
10:30 Core Task #80554 (Resolved): Streamline ToolbarItems code
Applied in changeset commit:ba9e473c20e215a1048061c74cf9ad06ce933894.
10:13 Core Revision ba9e473c: [CLEANUP] Streamline backend toolbar items
- Move everything to Fluid (also icon generation and labels)
- Remove a lot of get* shorthand protected methods
- Add...


16:30 Core Task #78650 (Resolved): Remove dependency to TemplateService
Applied in changeset commit:8f3659419c3c90c2fd1502c73e8952ec8ca755a6.
16:14 Core Revision 8f365941: [TASK] Unify TypoScript-related helper methods
The method for OptionSplitting in TemplateService
is completely isolated from everything else, and creates
a very str...
14:36 Core Task #80554 (Resolved): Streamline ToolbarItems code

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