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Moving inline child record to other parent in draft workspace does not work

Added by This Mächler over 4 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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1 Parent-> n Children
On parent side, the children are configured in TCA as inline records.
On the child side, TCA configuration type select to choose a parent.

Moving a child from one parent to another, the child will not show up in the inline view of the new parent. Only after publishing the workspace it will show up.

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Updated by This Mächler over 4 years ago

Related: inline records not working workspace-transparent in Extbase. Did't know that they don't even work properly in the backend ;-) Maybe some tape or glue can do it..

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Updated by Christian Kuhn 5 months ago


Inline children are not supposed to be attached to different parents. An inline 'root' record should be seen as an 'aggregate root', where children can not move to a different parent. When your inline child TCA is configured to enable editing of the parent, then stop this: Doing so leads to inconsistencies with localized children, and destroys workspace consistency.

I'm not closing the issue since the core should add counter-measures here: Inline children TCA should be scanned for TCA that allows changing parent uid and should throw / or note about this invalid configuration.

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Updated by This Mächler 5 months ago

I see the point.
But there seems to be no satisfying alternative backend editing configuration for my specific need:
The children are project documentations (architectural works), parent is a category for the project (e.g. "apartments", "gastronomy"). Additionally, the projects have a editable sorting in which they should appear in the frontend. And it can happen that a projects needs to be moved to another category. The inline backend configuration allows to drag and drop the children to change the sorting, and to display a list of all children belonging to a category.
Filtering the projects by parent and then change sorting and edit them is not a very intuitive experience for an editor. The workflow has to be:
- choose a category
- edit projects, change sorting (drag & drop), add projects, move projects to another category.
In the 'list' module, the only way as far as I can see would be to sort the projects by category, scroll through the whole list (lots of entries) until the targeted category appears (after have added the respective column to the list of displayed columns) and work there. That's a pain in the *ss for an editor. The best option so far for this case is inline TCA configuration, but as you mentioned this forbids to move records to another parent.

There should be an intuitive solution for such needs. It seems pretty common to me. Using system categories or folders is also not really satisfying.


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