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List module: Mass editing of content shows permission error messages if permissions restricted by languages

Added by Sybille Peters over 1 year ago.

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  • TYPO3 9.5.16


In my example, German is the default language, English is the translation. The BE user should have only write access to records in English and not to records in the default language.

  1. Create page with several content elements and translate it to the target language
  2. Create BE group and user with permissions for only 1 language (not the default language)
  3. As this user, go to list module
  4. Click "Page content"
  5. Use clipboard mode "Normal" and prepare to edit all content.
  6. click "Edit all shown fields of the listed records"

Now "mass editing" of all content elements on the page will be invoked (both languages).

Actual result

For each content element in the original language, there is an error message:

Sorry, you didn't have proper permissions to perform this change.
ERROR: Language was not allowed.

Expected result

It is correct that we cannot edit the records in the original language, but that should not be an error. The error messages are misleading.

Technically, the error messages are correct since all records are edited. But from the point of view of usability, this should by default not happen IMHO. By default, only the records the editor has permissions to should be edited.

In any case, it is currently (afaik) not possible to choose for which language to do the mass-editing. You can either mass-edit all. Or you have to use clipboard mode and tediously select every single record you want to edit.


error.png (18.2 KB) error.png Sybille Peters, 2020-05-07 12:58

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