Bug #92974

Re-import of website with form partially fails

Added by Matthias Druske over 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I may have found a bug in TYPO3 (10.4.10). It seems, when you export a page (as XML file) with a form content element (inlcuding a form plug-in and included yaml-file) and try to import it, the plug-in file is not found. That's because the used persistaceIdentifier should be 1:path/formfilename.form.yaml, but instead it is 1: followed by the uid of the yaml-file in the sys_file table. The website and yaml-file are properly* re-imported, the correct persistaceIdentifier is also listed in the plug-in dropdown list (and can be successfully chosen manually after import), but for some reason it is set to the wrong one described above, which is listed as well. If I had to import a website with many forms, it would be extremly troublesome to edit them all manually.

*as far as importing works anyway. There are other points I find strange about imports (such as the missing site configuration), but that's not the issue at hand.

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  • Related to Story #92526: Concept for improved EXT:impexp added

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Can confirm this bug with the ext:introduction. Looks like the SoftRef parser does / can not correctly resolve the realtion on import. So far I have this issue with v10 and v11, not tested with v9 and below.

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