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Typo3 7 - install tool - minor upgrade not working

Added by Stefa No 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Hello! When updating one old typo3 7.6.x installation to 7.6.32
directly from the install tool, the core update stops
after "Fetching list of released versions", with a
"General error" message. In the backend Log, we found this message:

Core: Exception handler (WEB): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: # XXXXXXXXXX:
No version matrix found in registry, call updateVersionMatrix() first.

We found a bug for updateVersionMatrix but it was already fixed.
Instead, we discovered that Typo3 was downloading a serialized
array of versions that was larger than the database field (79Kb
instead of the maximum 65Kb available with the BLOB field),
so the serialized string went truncated, becoming unable to be unserialized.

We thinked that at the moment when Typo3 7 was under development,
the 9 and 10 versions didn't exists so the array was smaller,
so we changed the type of the "entry_value" field to MEDIUMBLOB (max 16Mb),
and then the minor version update went successful in the backend:

ALTER TABLE sys_registry CHANGE entry_value entry_value mediumblob;

After the successful update, in the database analyser you have to remember
to avoid to rollback to the proposed previous situation...:

ALTER TABLE sys_registry CHANGE entry_value entry_value blob;

If there's the possibility of other minor upgrades for the 7 series,
you might want to change by default this field from blob to mediumblob...

Bye! Stefano


Updated by Georg Ringer 11 months ago

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TYPO3 7 is only maintained by the TYPO3 GmbH with the ELTS program - I will forward this issue to the guys there and close it here

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