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Improve the usability on the user settings page for screen reader users.

Added by Ralf Koller almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I've opened issue #98556 yesterday. But remembered that I've also find a different set of problems for the password field on the user settings page. I've created a small screen recording in TYPO3 v12 with DDEV on MacOS 12.6 with VoiceOver announcing.

  • As you can seen in the sidebar the description underneath the first password field with a p element and an unordered list element gets not announced in the screenreader. the p and the ul might be wrapped and an aria-describedby attribute added to that wrapping element to create an association. currently that information might go unnoticed to at least for some screen reader users potentially.
  • i've used the same password pattern i've successfully used in the installer. there i have used tester111 and on the user settings page /typo3/module/user/setup i've changed the password to tester222. as you can see but not hear in the video the password fails not meeting the password requirements. it is only shown in the admin notice but not announced to the screenreader. me as a user dont know anything went wrong (nor if the process was successful - in that case i get three admin notices with user setting were updated, a notice to reload the backend that most changes take effect and another notice that the password was updated - i can see those but i dont get the announce aurally)
  • in the context of a password that was not meeting the criteria i have the problem that the hide and show functionality used in the installer is not available here therefore i am unable to crosscheck before hitting save and at the same time in case it fails i have no idea which criteria i failed to meet.
  • after i have entered the password and the confirmation password i am not sure where the save button is. as i sighted user i know it is at the top but if i rely on the the aural interface i ahve to remember that it was at the top ( in case the working memory is small then that might be a problem). in the video i have used the rotor to find the list of available form controls to navigate to it afterwards i have simply tried to hit enter after entering the passwords and it saved that way as well. but that is unexpected. having the save functionality at the end of the page in the dom and just move it up by css might be worth a thought.
  • and there is also no need to confirm the change of the password by entering the old password it looks like?

i've then noticed there is also another place you are able to change the password in the TYPO3 backend: /typo3/module/system/BeuserTxBeuser . if i choose my user there there is a single password field. that field also has no hide and show functionality and i am able to change(?) the password to something like test which isnt meeting any of the requirements at all without a problem if i hit save i get an announcement that my record was successfully saved. in case the password IS saved there i could have made a typo and just save it unnoticed and wonder at a later point i am unable to login when i type in the password i thought i've saved without the typo. and no password requirement checks are applied here it seems. it seems inconsistent between the different places you enter passwords. and again no already existing password is needed (or is it because i am an admin user? - *again the disclaimer not a typo3 user here)


user_setup.mp4 (4.38 MB) user_setup.mp4 Ralf Koller, 2022-10-09 12:24

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