Epic #63909

Updated by Mathias Schreiber almost 7 years ago

h2. Desired functionality 

 h3. From the Backend 

 * Enable extension 
 * Disable extension 
 * Remove extension from disk 

 * Get extension from remote repository 
 * Resolve dependencies on *download* 

 * Upload Extension *ZIP* via Browser 

 h3. From Command Line 

 * Enable Extension 
 * Disable Extension 
 * Get extension from remote repository 
 * Resolve dependencies on *install* 
 * Update all extensions 

 h3. General 

 * It should be possible to import data into tables that do not belong to the extension (#23965) 
 * It should be possible to sign packages (#30594) 
 * If an extension get excluded from updates, the locallang files *must not* be updated (#54287) 
 * Updating an extension must trigger an entry in sys_log (#19992) 
 * Should clear opcode caches in install/uninstall (#56969) 

 h3. UI 

 * Get List of all extensions that offer updates 
 * Offer the ability to search for an extension (but exclude meta-fields like "state") 
 * Set Focus to the searchfield onload (#29628) 
 * Reload List of Extensions after updating an extension (#48867) 
 * List of Extensions should be sortable and provide indicators of the current sorting state (#55140) 
 * Filter extentions by (#43177 / #37382 / #30508 / #54997): #30508): 
 ** active 
 ** inactive 
 ** has update available 
 ** state (alpha/beta/stable) 
 * Remote Extension list should *not* show installed extensions 
 * UI should show dependencies and conflicts 
 * UI should allow search by author and/or category 
 * UI should show reverse dependencies (installed extensions only) (#17573)