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14:43 Core Bug #65626 (Closed): References in the filelist show all references to an ID
13:44 Core Story #63190 (Closed): General
13:13 Core Bug #63279 (Closed): FAL: Update image sizes automatic
Either I don't get the problem, or it does not exist anymore :)


14:08 Core Task #66738 (New): Make SQL Schema Parser aware of combined indexes
Since we are the only project on the entire planet that actually parses the SQL to find out what's going on in the sc...


13:00 Core Task #66553 (Resolved): 7.2 Documentation
Applied in changeset commit:cb7a7498566ab22266a4088bf009eabb5eb27372.
12:51 Core Revision cb7a7498: [BUGFIX] Proofread 7.2 documentation
Proofread breaking, deprecations and features.
Releases: master
Resolves: #66553
Change-Id: I08c497e53bd90845940fb53...


10:34 Core Bug #66586 (Closed): Conditions used in TSConfig not working on TCEFORM


17:45 Core Bug #30005 (Closed): stdWrap.cropHTML wrong on full-word crop shortly inside HTML-element
17:44 Core Bug #33843 (Closed): ConcatenateJs and concatenateCss and forceOnTop
17:44 Core Feature #48793 (Closed): Add javascriptLibs to contatenated javascript

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