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04:58 Server Team Task #78901: Remove GIT-repo for be_acl
this change sounds easy enough :)
Can we remove the repo?
04:57 Server Team Feature #75241: Provide GeoIP info through HTTP headers
any status update here?
Andri's solution is pretty much what we use, too.
04:56 Server Team Task #73622: Attempt to block DOS attacks
is this implemented yet?
04:55 Feature #48322: Enhance "Custom Queries" list visualization
put this on my list for the new theme
04:55 Server Team Support #60392: Cleanup of Forge users
this sounds like it could be closed.
04:54 Bug #73641: Cannot push to ext:dm_developerlog
this project does not exist in gerrit.
Can this ticket be closed?
04:52 Task #78906: Cleanup orphaned git repos
don't know about the impact but I'd back them up, move them to some disk and remove them.
If anything breaks, new ti...
04:50 Bug #66950: TYPO3 - 6.2 current stable - not up to date
can be closed


18:25 Bug #81033: Use a new Redmine theme
I took a look at what's available on the market.
RedmineUp has a couple of free themes that work in a responsive man...
17:59 Task #55121: Links of non-public Projects are shown on "Random Users"
done, random users don't display their assigned projects anymore :)

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