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17:20 Core Bug #59661 (New): Syscategories are duplicated for backend users
17:03 Core Bug #66307 (Needs Feedback): Performance: improve trimExplode
how do we proceed here?
16:41 Core Task #66317 (Closed): Performance: improve trimExplode 2nd try
didn't get closed by gerrit...
14:41 Core Bug #46271 (New): DB-error with postgreSQL
re-opened because it was closed during the FIND_IN_SET on postgres madness


21:05 Core Bug #67128 (Needs Feedback): TYPO3 Core issue with "csc-sword" wrap for some search terms (TYPO3 ...
Hi Carl,
I am currently unsure how this is related to the core of TYPO3.
Searching for "="highlight" didn't yield...
17:32 Core Bug #67127 (Rejected): TCEForm multiselect not working on IE11
Sorry, but TYPO3 4.5 has reached its end of life and will no longer be maintained.


15:58 Core Bug #25565 (Closed): t3editor CTRL + S works on Opera but Opera decides to save the whole page to...


07:32 Core Bug #57120 (Closed): Upgrade from 6.1.7 to 6.2beta7 / Install Tool fails / 'The package "X" depen...


12:37 Core Bug #66934: Saving translation label of old extensions throws exception
Cheers SK,
could you make a review out of this?
Join in on Slack and I can walk you through the process.
12:32 Core Bug #61498 (Closed): Empty BackendLayout ignored in Languages view
Cheers Olli,
we're you looking for this?...

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