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14:58 Core Task #72292 (Closed): PHP7 >= only


10:32 Server Team Feature #76137 (New): Supply LimeSurvey install
Hi Team,
I'd like to request an install of LimeSurvey (or alike) to use for both T3G and T3A.
With it we could sh...


22:29 Core Feature #71484: Output of layout field in fluid_styled_content templates
Matthias Wehrlein wrote:
> I'm impressed by your stubbornness, Mathias!
I don't really see why I'm stubborn while...


13:30 Core Bug #76056 (Closed): Update Extension List failed with error message: Unable to parse file resour...


11:54 Core Revision 6dddf4a1: [DOCS] Proofread 8.1 docs
Resolves: #
Releases: master
Change-Id: I95f3737e1c78a606664f4d5e4043b6d4370a07f5
Reviewed-on: https://review.typo3.o...


11:33 Core Story #75880 (New): Add art direction capabilities to BE
As a user I want to be able to select different images for a different device/context in order to deliver the best us...
11:32 Core Story #75879 (New): Add picture element to FSC
*Example typoscript configuration:*...
11:31 Core Epic #75878 (New): Add support for picture elements in the media element
Abstract from T3C Venlo:
* Supply a picture element
* Supply backend support for art direction


15:43 Core Bug #75782: Massive performace problems in backend during work
Just head over here to create an account.
You can then ping me directly.
15:01 Core Bug #75782 (Needs Feedback): Massive performace problems in backend during work
Can you measure whether the problem starts on the server or the clientbrowser?
Given the amount of information it's ...

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