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09:58 Core Feature #66155: Categories and localisation
The *FEATURE* is to make the translated category show up.
In order to do that, you need a switch to actua...
09:57 Core Feature #66155: Categories and localisation
This has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing.
I would really favor if you read my entire reasoning.
Steps ...
09:29 Core Bug #66170 (Rejected): Solr Search
Hi Priya,
unfortunately you picked the wrong bugtracker project.
You want to add your report here: https://forge....
09:06 Core Feature #66155: Categories and localisation
This is how the entire core works since.... well... ever.
You will always see the original version of a record, beca...


23:05 Core Bug #65997 (Needs Feedback): Typoscript causing TCA Error - but not under all circumstances
Yo Urs,
both systems run in the same context (Dev/Prod)?
23:04 Core Feature #65998: TypeNum redirect on shortcut page
@benni: thoughts?
While I like the general approach which is rather unobstrusive, adding new options is something ...
14:10 Core Bug #65972 (In Progress): Pagetree is not accessible for editors.


11:12 Core Feature #18737 (Resolved): Different icon for pages where content is fetched from a different page
Applied in changeset commit:f8aa3eea9aed97a901ef0c3e7c650e1218839596.
10:45 Core Revision f8aa3eea: [FEATURE] Add icon for "Show Content From Page"
The pagetree now indicates if a page shows content from another page.
Resolves: #18737
Releases: master
Change-Id: I...


18:01 Core Task #65898 (Resolved): Slightly increase contrast on module menu
* Change the main module color to #fff
* change the module color to #bbb

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