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15:30 Core Bug #34728 (Resolved): llXmlAutoFilename will never find localized files in l10n path
Applied in changeset commit:81ec05a3fc39845426f302412d53ef6480fc7c3a.
15:30 Core Bug #35093 (Resolved): Localization in Typoscript via XLIFF
Applied in changeset commit:81ec05a3fc39845426f302412d53ef6480fc7c3a.
15:08 Core Revision 81ec05a3: [BUGFIX] Properly handle translation file detection
The GeneralUtility::llXmlAutoFileName() method will now also correctly
handle paths to files that are not placed with...


14:20 Core Bug #53040 (Resolved): TYPO3\CMS\Core\Localization\Parser\LocallangXmlParser" cannot be found or ...
silently resolved
14:14 Core Story #55522 (Closed): As a developer I want to ensure that further changes have no negative impa...
14:13 Core Bug #55655 (Resolved): check for broken extensions in endless loop
can't reproduce
14:08 Core Bug #20493 (Needs Feedback): flexform ds remains even if the plugin changes
Would you consider this for Flexforms only?
The same principle applies for any type change.
So the value of the fie...
13:52 Core Bug #45854 (Resolved): Copy element, no "insert" symbol in the page view
13:49 Core Bug #49047 (Closed): extjs window stuck in Firefox 21


16:20 TYPO3 CMS Usability Team Suggestion #65177: File copying into same folder
Duplicate of #64363

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