Bug #64165

Updated by Stanislas Rolland over 9 years ago

 As far as I understand it there seems to be a mixup of configuration options in the abbreviation / acronym plugin of the rtehtmlarea RTE. 

 In the @Abbreviation.js@ file there options are currently used: 


 As far as I understand it, these option should disable the acronym / abbreviation @tabs@. So when both are set to FALSE, the button is not available. Makes sense. 

 What does *not* make sense is that these options are also used to determine if there are *predefined* acronyms or abbreviations. 

 The main error is that the values are overwritten in the @buildJavascriptConfiguration()@ method of the @Abbreviation@ PHP Plugin class. 

 Another error is that these settings are used to determine, if the fieldsets with the predefined values should be rendered. This should be totally independent configuration options IMO.