Story #64274

Updated by Mathias Schreiber over 6 years ago

Registering a non-extbase plugin currently needs two things: 

 * Add the TCA necessary by calling <pre>\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::addPlugin</pre> 
 * Add the typoscript by calling <pre>\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::addPItoST43</pre> 

 *addPItoST43* adds typoscript in this form: <pre> 
 plugin.tx_extensionkey_suffix = USER 
 plugin.tx_extensionkey_suffix.userFunc = tx_extensionkey_suffix->main 
 When you want to use namespaced code (and I say that's what we all want) you need to manually supply a classmap in this form: 
 tx_extensionkey_suffix => '\Vendorname\Extensionname\Controller\Class' 

 I propose a new method to register non-extbase plugins that enforces stronger defaults and reduces the clutter in the Typoscript Obejct Browser. 

 h3. New method: 

 <pre>static public function addPluginTyposcript($FQCN, $methodName)</pre> 

 See the example: 
 static public function addPluginTyposcript(\MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\Plugin\MyPlugin::class, 'dispatch') 
 static public function addPluginTyposcript(\MyAgency\MyExtension\UnCached\Plugin\\MyPlugin::class, 'dispatch') 
 static public function addPluginTyposcript(\MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\Menu\MyMenu::class, 'render') 
 static public function addPluginTyposcript(\MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\CType\MyCType::class, 'render') 
 static public function addPluginTyposcript(\MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\Header\MyHeader::class, 'render') 

 As you can see the FQCN (Fully qualified class name) holds a strong default for registering a plugin in the frontend. 
 Let's take the example above apart: 
 * \MyAgency 
 ** the Vendor name 
 * \MyExtension 
 ** Your extension key 
 * \Cached 
 ** defines whether a plugin runs cached or uncached (just for TS registering, you can re-define it via TS, possible values are: 
 *** Cached 
 *** Uncached 
 * \Plugin 
 ** Determines the type, possible values are: 
 *** -Plugin- Plugin 
 *** Menu 
 *** CType 
 *** Header 
 * \MyPlugin 
 ** Your class name 

 We will drop support for "just include library", because the design is just broken. 
 All TS get's added to page.1000, which is problematic if 
 * you have multiple of these plugins installed 
 * your root object simply has another name than page 

 h3. Typoscript result 

 I propose to add more "dots" to the TS. 
 Possible result: 
 plugin.MyAgency.MyExtension.Plugin.MyPlugin = USER 
 plugin.MyAgency.MyExtension.Plugin.MyPlugin.userFunc = \MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\Plugin\MyPlugin->dispatch 
 plugin.MyAgency.MyExtension.Menu.MyMenu = USER 
 plugin.MyAgency.MyExtension.Menu.MyMenu.userFunc = \MyAgency\MyExtension\Cached\Menu\MyMenu->render 
 This will clean up the Typoscript Object browser.