Feature #66907

Updated by Patrick Broens over 6 years ago

Sometimes it is needed or can be very helpful to do processing on the $data variable of a content element. object. Some content elements, provided by the core, are using constructs which Fluid can not handle out of the box, like tt_content.table. The contents of the table is entered in the field 'bodytext' as a CSV string. It would be great when this string is transformed into an array before sending it to the view. Using a viewhelper for this is architectural not a good solution. 

 We should introduce a way to connect your own data processors to the content object using TypoScript, like 

 my_custom_ctype = FLUIDTEMPLATE 
 my_custom_ctype { 
     templateName = CustomName 
     settings { 
         extraParam = 1 
     dataProcessing { 
         1 = TYPO3/CMS/Frontend/DataProcessing/MyFirstCustomProcessor 
         2 = TYPO3/CMS/Frontend/DataProcessing/MySecondCustomProcessor 
         2 { 
             options { 
                 myOption = SomeValue 

 This way the data processing is extendible and can be called by multiple extensions if necessary. Using TypoScript instead of a hook makes it more flexible and better understandable for integrators.