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16:00 Core Bug #65901 (Resolved): Move configuration of New Content Element Wizard to css_styled_content
Applied in changeset commit:726d8647833c254394a72e26ac557021a14c8f12.
15:54 Core Revision 726d8647: [TASK] Move new content element wizard configuration to css_styled_content
The configuration for the new content element wizard is defined in the
extension frontend. The content elements which...


15:19 Core Feature #67890 (Resolved): Redesign FluidTemplateDataProcessorInterface
Currently the method process in FluidTemplateDataProcessorInterface looks like...


16:42 Core Story #64274: Add new Plugin registration
IMHO the whole description of this issue is wrong. You do not need addPItoST43 to register a userfunc. You can add th...


16:00 Core Feature #66907 (Resolved): Add possibility to the FLUIDTEMPLATE Content Object to do data process...
Applied in changeset commit:46fd9abd3029f85529b8fba6ef21c633b42ae2df.
15:43 Core Revision 46fd9abd: [FEATURE] Add Data Processing to FLUIDTEMPLATE content object
The content object FLUIDTEMPLATE is extended with `dataProcessing`. With this
setting you can add full namespace clas...


08:58 Core Feature #66907 (Resolved): Add possibility to the FLUIDTEMPLATE Content Object to do data process...
Sometimes it is needed or can be very helpful to do processing on the $data variable of a content element. Some conte...


15:12 Core Bug #62682 (Closed): Separate core and css_styled_content
Closed, since this work is done in #65922
12:30 Core Bug #65952 (Resolved): Move content element previews belonging to css_styled_content to this exte...
Applied in changeset commit:326f639629a8b352dabca5ac5c49b99a65c753ab.
12:13 Core Revision 326f6396: [TASK] Isolate content element previews for page module
With the new strong defaults some content elements have moved to
the extensions mediace, css_styled_content and compa...

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