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15:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #85576 (Under Review): Linkvalidator not checking linked content elements with TypoLink
If an anchor is added to a TypoLink, using the new TypoLink markup t3://page?uid=x#y, the content element is never ch...
13:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #84016: impexp: page links are parsed / replaced incorrectely due to error in SoftReferenceIndex
Also the core extension "linkvalidator" is suffering from this.
To reproduce:
* Install the extension "@linkvalid...


01:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #84834 (Resolved): Language selector not shown in page of default language without translation
Applied in changeset commit:57225f2cb49806b9d6b567c9f18239b3dc4859e0.
01:14 TYPO3 Core Revision 57225f2c: [BUGFIX] Language selector not shown in default page without translation
When editing a page, the language selector in the upper left corner is
not visible when the page is in the default la...
18:30 TYPO3 Core Task #84753 (Resolved): Save Button Gate phase 1
Applied in changeset commit:c9539afa5ffa95b8b57150aeaa2592bb8ff2ca29.
18:09 TYPO3 Core Revision c9539afa: [TASK] Unsplit the splitbutton
This patch splits the splitbutton into several separate buttons, which
all serve a single action. Modals are used for...


11:20 TYPO3 Core Bug #85248 (New): Show link in page tree context menu links to wrong domain for mount points
We have the current situation:
* root 1 (
> * mount point 1 to mounted page (Show the mounted page)


11:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #84752 (Resolved): The "save and new" button can be used while in connected translation mode
Applied in changeset commit:d8fa5f3bd64234fd5b381f92639615acb11529a1.
11:13 TYPO3 Core Revision d8fa5f3b: [BUGFIX] Hide save and new button in connected translation mode
In connected translation mode it should not be possible to use the
save and new button as this would lead to an incon...


14:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #84265: record pid invalid when using a Userfunction as TCA displayCond
The name of the "pid" value is a bit misleading. When adding content in the "Page" module, this value depends if you ...

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