Task #68700

Updated by Helmut Hummel almost 9 years ago

Since the composer handling in TYPO3 6.2 is not perfect and you quite easy run into troubles when it comes to dependency handling, I have a suggestion to improve the current situation. situation for TYPO3 6.2. 

 My suggestion is to ignore the Composer dependencies in the TYPO3 Extension Manager completely and only respect the @ext_emconf.php@ files. 

 This would makes things a lot easier: 

 In the @composer.json@ files you could use real Composer Package names for dependency handling (e.g. typo3-ter/my-dependency or even my-vendor/mypackage for packages from Packagist). 

 In the @ext_emconf.php@ files you use Extension keys. 

 No need for "replace" configuration in the @composer.json@ files any more. No more hassle with underscore / dash naming. 

 I'll push my proposed solution to Gerrit.