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18:47 Core Bug #66473: Cannot create object implementing Serializable on PHP 5.6
Mathias Brodala wrote:
> Maybe we should use "doctrine/instantiator"
Yes, please!


16:47 Core Bug #66439 (New): FontAwesome Icon font not working in Safari 7.1.4
Backend lacks the icons which are shown by the icon font


10:57 Core Story #55516 (Resolved): Reduce the number of backend script entry points
all child tasks resolved
10:56 Core Task #56631 (Resolved): Remove Compat layer for info and function submodules
implemented for 6.2, removed for 7.0
nothing to do


18:07 typo3.org and community tools Bug #66060 (Resolved): Add config to realurlconf.php for new security advisory page
I had to add another page to the security advisories and also had to adapt the realurlconf.php in the postvar section...


12:17 Core Bug #65972: Pagetree is not accessible for editors.
A possible solution is to add "web" (and all other parent modules) to the groupMods field, once one of the sub module...
12:16 Core Bug #65972 (Resolved): Pagetree is not accessible for editors.
The pagetree uses an extDirect endpoint with a permission level check on "web" module.
Since we removed the possib...


11:15 Core Bug #65872 (Closed): Install TYPO3 CMS with composer breaks the autoloader
Closed as duplicate. Also, it is fixed in 6.2 branch and master


11:31 Core Bug #65757: /fileadmin/_processed_ not used
Please post the identifiers of the original files for which processed files are generated in typo3temp/_processed_
11:30 Core Bug #65667 (Resolved): ObjectManager can't resolve underscored namespace classes to new PHP's nat...
Applied in changeset commit:cf02cd79bd0bf82afed268e3883425f327788f72.

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