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09:10 Core Bug #77205: Make TYPO3\CMS\Fluid\Tests\Unit\ViewHelpers\BaseViewHelperTest always available
> hen the commit mentioned in the issue description should also be backported to TYPO3 7.6


11:53 Core Bug #77192 (Resolved): Title is encoded twice in Version Module


10:45 Core Bug #77152 (Closed): Update guzzle to 6.2.1
Address HTTP_PROXY security vulnerability, CVE-2016-5385: https://httpoxy.org/


15:20 Core Bug #77123 (Resolved): Branch alias for TYPO3_7-6 branch is wrong
The composer.json file wrongly configures the master branch
to be aliased to 7.x-dev
Fix it by aliasing our TYPO3_7...


11:55 Core Feature #68613: TypoScript: NOT EQUALS condition operator for condition: [applicationContext]
Just a side note on ApplicationContext:
There are only two valid main contexts, which are "Production" and "Develo...


15:39 Core Feature #76723: Composer installation without symlinks
> "cms-package-dir": "public",
> "web-dir": "public"
Ah, well, this does not make sense and cannot w...
15:29 Core Feature #76723 (Needs Feedback): Composer installation without symlinks
15:28 Core Feature #76723: Composer installation without symlinks
> every pre-existing folder / file like templates or extensions (web-dir/typo3conf/ext) are getting deleted.
Can y...


14:37 Core Bug #76889: Drop composer API token from travis build
See: https://github.com/composer/composer/issues/4884#issuecomment-195324731 for a confirmation of the removed API limit
13:40 Core Bug #76889 (New): Drop composer API token from travis build

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