Bug #78701

Updated by Gleb Levitin over 7 years ago

*How to reproduce:*  

 Imagine, you have a single record with translation. 


 Now copy this record into a new page and page. Now add a new content element to the default language column. 


 Now click "Translate" button in the target language column.  


 The element to be translated (New record) is not displayed in the records summary, but the already translated record (Text & Media Datensatz). 

 *Technical problem description:* 

 TYPO3 uses _t3_origuid_ t3_origuid to determine, determine from which language the translated records were originally derived from. derived. In the case of a simple translation, _t3_origuid_ t3_origuid is actually the UID of the record from which it was translated. However, _t3_origuid_ t3_origuid is not only limited to this single function, but extends to many other types of derivation.  

 If a translated record is copied, the _t3_origuid_ t3_origuid of the +copied copied translated record+ record will get the UID of the *original translation*, but not the *original record* itself.  

 Now, when creating new translations within in the copied data set, the source language will    be wrong determined and the already existing translated records will now be translated in the same language again.