Bug #81202

Updated by Simon Schaufelberger over 3 years ago

Since config.prefixLocalAnchors was removed from the core with #65934 and outsourced into compatibility6 extension, all linkToTops are not working any more if realurl is used.

config {
prefixLocalAnchors = all
baseURL = http://www.example.com http://www.mantoco.de

page = PAGE
page {
1 < styles.content.get

Add a new content element and check the checkbox "Append with Link to Top of Page" in Access tab.

This is the broken typoscript setup in css_styled_content:


<a href="/path/to/page.html#">Link to top</a>

Actual Output:
<a href="#">Link to top</a>

with a baseurl set links to the root page.