Bug #81810

Updated by Sascha Egerer about 7 years ago

The TypoScript setting @config.linkVars@ contains Link parameters with a regex of possible values. The parameters are seperated by a @,@. 
 The implementation does explode the string by @,@ to get an array of paramters and there values. 
 But this fails if the regex does containe a @,@ character and ends up in broken params and values. 

 e.g. @config.linkVars = country(/^[a-z]{2,3}$/),L(0-12)@    is not possible as the string is also exploded at @{2,3}@. 
 Instead of  
 and @L(0-12)@  
 the string is exploded to 
 @country(/^[a-z]{2@, @3}$/)@ 
 and @L(0-12)@