Bug #83001

Updated by Oliver Hader over 3 years ago

In case a TCA field uses @allowLanguageSynchronization@ (or @l10n_mode=exclude@) for table @pages_language_overlay@, dependencies (localizations of the initial record) are processed that point to the according @pages_language_overlay@. However @pages_language_overlay@ records cannot be localized further, they always depend on a single @pages@ record which is the record of the default language. 

 In case the backend is used as non-admin user that has a language restriction ("Limit to languages" in backend groups/users settings), an error message is shown: 
 @newlog()] recordEditAccessInternals() check failed. [ERROR: Language was not allowed.@ 

 In TYPO3 v8, all @pages_language_overlay@ records are selected matching the condition @pages_language_overlay.pid = pages_language_overlay.uid@ (@pid@ is used as @transOrigPointerField@). In TYPO3 v9 this changed since @pages_language_overlay@ has been migrated into @pages@ having a distinct @transOrigPointerField@ in @l10n_parent@.