Bug #76262

Updated by Christian Kuhn over 6 years ago

Typo3 Backend: In Filelist I created a folder and uploaded a png image. When trying to edit the metadata I get the following error message:  

 > "Oops, an error occurred! 
 > $uid must be positive integer, 0 given 
 > More information regarding this error might be available online." 
 > (online is a link to 

 This also happens when trying over the context menue. 

 I just updated to 7.6.7. (happened in 7.6.6 too) I have activated the filemetadata extension. 

 Steps to reproduce by me: 
 1. create content with file + metadata, default language 
 2. translate this content in other language 
 3. edit translated content - edit translated file metadata - make exception 1437656456