Bug #83469

Updated by Armin Vieweg over 6 years ago

I am able to reconstruct an issue with translation handling, in latest TYPO3 7.6 and 8.7! 
 I've got three languages (one is default). 
 When I translate from default to e.g. english using the strict translate mode, everything is fine. 
 When I translate from english to e.g. italian, the elements are created, but the order of items is wrong. And because of strict mode, you can't move them.  

 Is this a regression bug? 

 In 7.6 also the wizard displays the order wrong, before the tt_content items are created. 
 In 8.7 the wizard displays it correctly, but the order of created items, is wrong. (edited) 

 When I use default as base to translate, the order is correct.