Bug #83795

Updated by Oliver Hader over 3 years ago

If you insert a table in the RTE-field and use just a list inside a table cell (@<ol>@ (<ol> or @<ul>@) <ul>) inside a table cell there will in the frontend output alway a @&nbsp;@ &nbsp; included before and after the list. This @&nbsp;@ &nbsp; does not exist in the backend if you switch to code view but in the frontend. This moves the list always one line down in the table so it is not anymore on the same hight as the table row bevor or after. 

 This is to output in the frontend with this strange @&nbsp;@: &nbsp;: 

 <table class="contenttable"> 
           <li>Item 1</li> 
           <li>Item 2</li> 
           <li>Item 3</li> 

 PS: If you insert a table in the RTE-field which provides the extension news. This problem does not happen. So I guess news uses an other rendering method for the RTE-fields.