Feature #83962

Updated by Dan Untenzu over 3 years ago

Some time ago, at At a T3AMD in Munich, Munich we discussed the UX of the TYPO3 backend and the fact, that lots of integrators still give clients backend logins with all available access rights. 

 I proposed to adapt the awesome strategy of the ckeditor (https://typo3worx.eu/2017/02/configure-ckeditor-in-typo3/) to provide distinct default configurations. If a backend user is created and it's no Admin or "System Maintainer", then a TSconfig preset could be associated with the account. This preset could be of type "minimal" and then show the page-, list- and filemodule only, and only headline and bodytext in tt_content table. 

 It's a long stretch (requires #80212), but maybe a useful idea to enhance the default UX of TYPO3 for editors.