Epic #84044

Updated by Susanne Moog over 6 years ago

For version 9, we want to rework the admin panel with the following goals: 

 * Easier to extend for extension authors (currently no new tabs are possible, the JS "API" is weird...) 
 * Modern Design 
 * More functionality (for inspiration see features of and ) 

 * Extract `AdminPanelView` modules to one class per module with interface and API to register own modules (#84045) 
 * Extract module specific code lines from general code (interface expansion might be necessary) (#84118) 
 * Move AdminPanel to own system extension and let the modules be registered by the corresponding core extensions (f.e. fe_edit) 
 * Remove access to globals and use PSR-7 request object instead (introduce AdminPanel PSR-15 middleware) [interface expansion with $request might be necessary] 
 * Remove configuration via $_GET params (google the admin panel get vars and you'll see one of the reasons) 
 * Render modules via fluid standalone 
 * Render outer panel via fluid standalone 
 * Re-Design the panel 
 * Add functionality (tbd)