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Updated by Jo Hasenau over 3 years ago

Based on this Blueprint http://wiki.typo3.org/Blueprints/StructuredContentContainers 
 we created https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wui-vM1K9fOoSYgi5n_vZMFe59v5o2Qg0-HE4fy3e7c/edit#heading=h.kcy7kg7ngpnn as a common base for Epic, Stories and Tasks. 


 There are several reasons, why people are constantly asking for structured content or content structures in the TYPO3 core for more than a decade now. 
 Sometimes a flexible use of multiple columns or maybe even more complex layouts to structure content is required. 
 Depending on the role these people got in their daily business we identified the following motivations for three different groups of users in the TYPO3 universe - editors, integrators and developers. 

 h2. Editors 

 * I want to speed up daily work so I want to apply certain actions to multiple elements at once 
 * I need a visual structure of a flexible amount of multiple columns both in frontend and in backend that can easily be rearranged and nested on the fly 
 * I want an interface to be as simple and intuitive as possible 
 * I need to be able to make use of structures and containers in multilingual environments and workspaces or combinations of both 
 * I want to be able to edit content on mobile devices 

 h2. Integrators 

 * I want future proof concepts for upcoming and existing CSS features and HTML structures so I need to wrap content elements with certain markup in the frontend output. 
 * I want to be in full control of the output still I would want to be able to create structures without having to nest containers 
 * I want a solution that works independently from a certain frontend framework but still would be able to represent the structures of a given frontend framework as far as possible 
 * I want to have an option to add specific custom configurations to different parts of the structure regarding frontend and/or backend behaviour and rights management 
 * I want to enable people to edit content on mobile devices 

 h2. Developers 

 * I want to separate concerns of structures and containers from the creation of functional containers and custom content elements 
 * I want an API that enables me to use structures and/or containers for my custom solutions in my own sitepackage or other TYPO3 extensions 
 * I want a smooth migration path and a sustainable solution that can easily be maintained in the future and reuse content provided by existing extensions as far as possible 

 The final goal should be to provide at least the must haves and ideally some of the should haves within the next two versions of TYPO3 CMS.