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17:12 Grid Elements Bug #80434 (Needs Feedback): Un-hiding elements inside a grid unattaches the element from the gri...
How exactly do you "unhide" the elements? With the switch in the page module or with by editing the element and unche...
15:40 Grid Elements Bug #80433 (Needs Feedback): FlexForm via Page-TSconfig causes "Data structure could not be resol...
What happens when you use the default structure provided by Gridelements itself?...
14:29 Grid Elements Bug #79157: FlexForm via File causes "Data structure could not be resolved to a valid structure."...
Since this is not a "flexform via file" but a flexform inside a TSconfig file, this is a different issue.
07:44 Grid Elements Task #80417 (Needs Feedback): Drag and drop behaviour slower and reloading of page module is init...
So what would you propose to do here?
When the actual action triggered by onDrop takes time, the only thing we can do...
07:42 Grid Elements Bug #78993: Drag & Drop does not work with CMS 8.4
Since the last patch was just reactivating D&D as the core does it, we will need some more patches to make it fully w...


21:30 Grid Elements Bug #78993 (Resolved): Drag & Drop does not work with CMS 8.4
Applied in changeset commit:18cf5bbf6e43c78907512ccb81643666ae64c016.
21:14 Grid Elements Revision 18cf5bbf: [WIP] Adjust D&D JS to match current core D&D handling
Change-Id: I7558540339f60eabb86d88e79691c52cbbf004b5
Resolves: #78993
Releases: master
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...
20:43 Grid Elements Bug #80377 (Resolved): Sorting of records in list module broken when nestingInListModule = 1
Closed then


15:23 Grid Elements Bug #80291 (Accepted): Possible typo


14:49 Grid Elements Bug #80255: doubled Fal References in Flexform when "Past reference"
OK - thanks for the feedback.
Still I am not convinced that changing the datamap array will actually fix the issue...

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