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17:38 Grid Elements Bug #69471 (Accepted): Gridelement disappear after drag-n-drop with no target
If I carefull try to hit a certain area in the "empty" column, it works as shown in the GIF independent from the brow...
14:42 Grid Elements Bug #69472 (Accepted): Drag and Drop / Copy and Paste not reliably working on unpublished pages
14:22 Grid Elements Bug #69471: Gridelement disappear after drag-n-drop with no target
There is a 3-0 branch in the Git repository (not in the TER) that contains a latest version with lots of bug fixes al...
14:00 Grid Elements Bug #69352 (Needs Feedback): Sorting within page view does not reflect in sorting within list view
Could you please test, if this still happens when you create a completely new grid element and fill it with completel...
13:39 Grid Elements Feature #69458 (Accepted): Create composer.json
13:39 Grid Elements Bug #69471 (Needs Feedback): Gridelement disappear after drag-n-drop with no target
Could you please give more information about OS, browser and other things you are using together with Gridelements?


14:28 Core Bug #68606 (Resolved): copyRecords removes NULL values from original data
Applied in changeset commit:a7707bcb6e9cc144a6e8dea902d9fad0aef3f063.
14:20 Core Revision a7707bcb: [BUGFIX] use array_key_exists() to deal correctly with NULL values
Resolves: #68606
Releases: master
Change-Id: I22fbd200514324eca4a62b87d2a3018e87c8a85e
Reviewed-on: http://review.typ...


18:01 Grid Elements Bug #68594 (Accepted): Sorting in List mode broken


11:59 Grid Elements Feature #61230: Allow to change rendering order of column cells
I just added the related issue so that people can find out how to change the sorting in the frontend easily.

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