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17:29 Grid Elements Feature #66057: Moving around translated CEs between translated GE does not work correctly (sys_l...
What should happen now when you move the target container to another page, while leaving the one with the original el...
17:06 Grid Elements Bug #66103 (Closed): Content Element within a Grid Element gets updated, when moving Page in tree
Fixed within issue #65538 - will be available in 3.2.0 in TER. You can checkout either current master or current 3-0 ...
17:02 Grid Elements Task #65017: Documentation: language review of manual
I will update the current version of the manual before the release of 3.2.0 - there will be some changes and addition...


17:06 Grid Elements Feature #66057 (Needs Feedback): Moving around translated CEs between translated GE does not work...
IMHO this is not a bug but the beaviour I would expect from "hideNonTranslated".
For the container it does not mat...
15:22 Grid Elements Support #61115: Error in List view?
Actually it should look like this in ext_emconf.php of GE 3.1.0...
15:18 Grid Elements Bug #66014: Content elements with random containers
@Mathias: The query will find elements that should definitely be broken, but there might be elements that are broken ...


14:50 Grid Elements Bug #66014 (Needs Feedback): Content elements with random containers
This issues seems to be happening form time to time, but the reason for that behaviour is not known yet.
My person...
14:43 Grid Elements Task #66025 (Resolved): Explain in FAQ why extension version is needed
The dependency resolver, which is used in the list module XCLASS, is provided by the version extension only.


14:21 Core Bug #59349: Update Reference Index failed by SQL errors (INSERT INTO sys_refindex )
Seems this has been fixed together with #64253. In line 198 of typo3/sysext/core/Classes/Database/ReferenceIndex.php ...


18:24 Grid Elements Revision 9f32e0fb: Fixed position of reload command to avoid premature loading
Change-Id: I807e30a93236f3dffdf2f26fb84e9896cfdbc670

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