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14:56 Grid Elements Bug #76373 (Closed): Access restriction allow deny
Thanks for the report, but actually this has already been fixed in master and 7-0 branch.


10:31 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Revision 69564ba3: Squashed commit of the following:
commit e2056909d2b709395e412614184f544ae449bda1
Author: Jo Hasenau <>
Date: Sat Mar 1...
08:07 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Bug #12352 (Resolved): FCEs don't get exportet
Thanks for the feedback - but I guess this problem will hit people with "normal" flexforms as well. So while it is un...


15:46 Grid Elements Support #76295 (Closed): Translation problem with t3ddy extension
If there is no grid container at all, the answer is easy: It can't be a gridelements problem.
Since I never used t...
15:37 Core Bug #75400: Related child elements don't get correct sys_language_uid during localization of pare...
Could you please test, if the changed order happens also with the "translation" mode of the modal?
The patch makes u...
14:38 Grid Elements Support #76295: Translation problem with t3ddy extension
So could you post the configuration of your grid container(s) and a step by step list of actions so that we can try t...
13:18 Grid Elements Support #76295 (Needs Feedback): Translation problem with t3ddy extension
How do you translate it?
Usually there are two options, "Translate" or "Copy". If you went for "Copy" this is a co...


15:21 Grid Elements Revision cca52a3e: Merge branch 'master' into 7-0
15:19 Grid Elements Revision b5f9ce64: [BUGFIX] ID must be integer to avoid problems with new elements
Change-Id: I1802e737f02c3636d0def9267feb0e6b649b26b1
Resolves: #75152
Releases: master, 7.0


14:50 Grid Elements Bug #75394 (Resolved): Editors can not create references

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