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19:46 Grid Elements Bug #77173: Translating inner elements of the container
But this is not how you can translate the newly added element, since it will just work for the top level - to make su...


22:19 Grid Elements Support #77022: Deleting a page with gridelements as a non-admin throws permissions error
It seems the same thing happens while copying a page with nested elements, leading to a lot of unnecessary copy actio...
22:17 Grid Elements Bug #77174 (Needs Feedback): Moving translated inner elements of the container
Depends on the translation mode you are working with.
When you are in "connected" mode - which is made by klicking...
22:14 Grid Elements Bug #77173 (Needs Feedback): Translating inner elements of the container
How are you actually "translating" the elements? Since this is an IRRE relation you have to use localize/synchronize ...


11:33 Grid Elements Bug #77119 (Resolved): linkClipboardHeaderIcon
Fixed in current master and 7-0 branch


22:01 Grid Elements Support #77022 (Needs Feedback): Deleting a page with gridelements as a non-admin throws permissi...
I set this to support, since this definitely is a core bug, because there might be other related elements with simila...
21:58 Grid Elements Bug #77067 (Accepted): Copying or moving Grid Elements to other languages doesn't work
21:58 Grid Elements Bug #77073 (Resolved): Fix composer.json for CMS 8 is wrong for branch 7-0
00:58 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Revision 1f5e40f0: [TASK] Added mising github changes by Benni
Change-Id: I027d6d251e6e31ba77d4e6aa3936de239a37e3d4
Reviewed-by: Jo Hase...


11:09 Grid Elements Feature #77094 (Needs Feedback): Allow svg when uploading an icon

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