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09:18 Grid Elements Support #79344 (Needs Feedback): copy & past creates duplicates
Hi, Chris.
Since this can't be reproduced in our testing environment:
How exactly are you copying the content, via ...


16:27 Grid Elements Bug #78968: Flexform data structure refactoring breaks backend rendering (when layouts defined in...
xml2array should be correct, unless flexformDS starts with "FILE" - so just removing it should not be enough.
16:02 Grid Elements Bug #78993: Drag & Drop does not work with CMS 8.4
Gridelements till needs to use its own D&D component, since there are some additional functions like the Drag-In-Wiza...
15:26 Grid Elements Revision 4822a439: [BUGFIX] Take grid container information for new records from existing record
Change-Id: If4fc6ebbb34de64a8df3525e95773030b0487ffa
Releases: 3-0
14:57 Grid Elements Revision 76c44b0f: [TASK] Raised dependency version for TYPO3
Change-Id: Ia549d15c9ab668f888b2987264ae1cc7332a1f65
Releases: master


19:43 Grid Elements Bug #79248 (Rejected): Column Width of Backend Layouts depends on lenght of Column-Name
Sorry - no JS involved and actually this is a wanted behaviour to avoid wasting of precious space in the page module....


18:40 Grid Elements Bug #79158 (Accepted): Language Tab is missing in Typo3 8.5
18:39 Grid Elements Bug #79157 (Needs Feedback): FlexForm via File causes "Data structure could not be resolved to a ...
IIRC there has been a change by Christian Kuhn recently, that should take care of broken getFlexFormDSClass.
So are ...
18:22 Grid Elements Bug #79150 (Closed): Wrong Path for Icon in the Select Field
Please use the latest 7-0 branch from Git for CMS 7.6.x or master for CMS 8.


22:32 Grid Elements Bug #79145 (Closed): PHP 7.0 and newer bug at the list
Please check out the latest 7-0 branch and test again, since the method already contains the 5th parameter.

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