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11:32 Grid Elements Bug #67912 (Rejected): Value not allowed when adding new content element when background layout i...
Don't use the NEW button in that edit view. It is only there, because we haven't found a way to remove it without rem...
11:26 Grid Elements Bug #67911 (Needs Feedback): Creating a new Backend Layout using the wizard saves the record twice
Are we talking about Core Backend Layouts or Grid Elements (CE) Backend Layouts in this case?


18:48 Grid Elements Bug #67842 (On Hold): DatabaseRecordlist Xclass: instanceof checks should be with Original class ...
Thanks for the report and the patches so far.
As alread mentioned in the other issue: Please don't shoot too fast,...
18:45 Grid Elements Bug #67841 (On Hold): Gridelements throws warnings if multiple ['typo3/'][...
18:45 Grid Elements Bug #67841: Gridelements throws warnings if multiple ['typo3/']['actions']...
Thanks for the report and the patches so far.
Since we used most of the original core methods in this XCLASS, is t...


13:47 Grid Elements Bug #67502 (Resolved): "Edit this column" not working
Applied in changeset commit:bbb99a0f446a7b7f90865943ad9e3479132a8672.
13:22 Grid Elements Revision bbb99a0f: [BUGFIX] remove debug comment from onclick JS
Change-Id: I06718ddb6a42da7e43a46a16f523bd822a3c0eaf
Resolves: #67502
Releases: 3-0
Reviewed-on: http://review.typo3....


12:40 Grid Elements Bug #67672 (Accepted): Creating new Elements with drag&drop with sys_language_uid=1 fails


16:28 Grid Elements Bug #67295 (Accepted): Conflict with page tsconfig: disableNewContentElementWizard = 1
No - this is something we have to take care of then, since Gridelements have to modify the links according to the set...
09:37 Grid Elements Feature #67551 (Accepted): Allowed CType on backend_layout fail
Actually this is a missing feature in the 7-x-0-compatibility branches. Will be back soon.

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