Feature #84990

Updated by Sybille Peters almost 2 years ago

Currently, RteHtmlParser::markBrokenLinks checks only for broken *page links* page links and marks them accordingly.

If linkvalidator is installed and broken links records are available, the broken *external links* external links could be marked in the same fashion.

Also *file links* file links and other links could be considered.

This would not only make fixing broken links using the linkvalidator much easier, but would also make this information available whenever a record is edited.

Based on some issues Christian Kuhn raised in the patch, the following should be be considered:

* having dependencies from core to linkvalidator would be bad practice. Thus, the corresponding code should be moved from RteHtmlParser::markBrokenLinks to a place, such as in core/Classes/LinkHandling
and a hook or something similar should be added, which can be used by Linkvalidator
* must add a check if in backend context?

Also, setting the style, must be done differently, as this currently does not work with ckeditor, but this is being addressed by #84987 ("Add css style for broken page links in ckeditor").