Bug #85336

Updated by Frans Saris about 1 year ago

I have a file with special utf8 characters in the path: @/fileadmin/special-páth/file.pdf@ (notice the "á" in the path name).

First I did this: @{f:uri.image(src: file.originalResource.publicUrl)}@ - this returned an empty string.

Then I did this: @{f:uri.image(image: file)}@ - this returned the correct path.

@SYS\UTF8filesytem => true@ is set and the filesystem actually is UTF-8 capable, the locales also are set to UTF8 and all other utf8-scenarios are working. Both methods (src and image) are working fine on ASCII-only paths.

I assume this mis-behaviour is also true for other view helpers such as @f:image@. @f:link@.