Bug #85386

Updated by Sybille Peters over 1 year ago

Note: Closed for now, until researched further. Initially Just noticed that documentation partly does not fit behaviour or may be a little difficult to understand.

There seems to be also an issue with inconsistency of some options and the help output.


1. Some commands have --dry-run in their help message The examples at the bottom for just reporting and some do not

* cleanup:deletedrecords : does not
* cleanup:multiplereferencedfiles : does

>> this needs to
fixing are the same (except for updating reference). That can't be researched further, not really a problem of right. And the docs, though.


In TYPO3 7 there where some common
options so you could execute the commands without problems for fixing / dryrun (that still existed in a loop using a generic commmand line.

2. Usage:
<pre><code class="text">
help [options] [--] [<command_name>]

command The command
7) seem to execute
command_name The command name [default: "help"]


Not very inuitive

* where is 'command' in
have disappeared, so the usage at the top?

3. Two different help messages with help and --help. The output with --help is confusing (--help is documented), the output of help is better. Maybe better to document only help (and not --help)

<pre><code class="text">
php ./typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 help cleanup:multiplereferencedfiles

docs should be updated accordingly.