Bug #85737

Updated by Frank Naegler over 1 year ago

Try the following setup:

page in default language
page in language1
page in language2

create content in default
translate default into language1
translate language1 into language2

now create an element in default

Bug 1) both columns shows the translate button
Bug 2) click translate button in language2, step to the wizard, the last step shows no elements to translate, click next => boom (s. screenshot)

!New%20TYPO3%20site%20%5BTYPO3%20CMS%209.4.0-dev%5D%202018-08-02%2021-23-04.png! !New TYPO3 site [TYPO3 CMS 9.4.0-dev] 2018-08-02 21-23-04.png!