Bug #86687

Updated by Philipp Seiler almost 3 years ago

 when I use the _multi-selection mode_ of the clipboard with a record (sys_language_uid = 0) and its translation selected, then translated records will show up multiple times in the clipboard. This problem does not occur, when the _single record mode_ or the copy button next to the record in the list is used. 

 When inserting the copied records into a new sysfolder (_multi-selection mode_), duplicates of the translations will be created. 

 Problem seems to be in _\TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Clipboard\Clipboard->getContentFromTab()_, where for every record an a entry in the clipboard is made. First the root-item will be added. This will also add the translated record to the clipboard via _$this->getLocalizations($table, $rec)_. After that, the translated record from the _multi-selection mode_ is added again, leading to duplicates.