Bug #87923

Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 11 months ago

Missing value of item.data.shortcut if setup shortcut mode = 3, but if choice concrete page (shortcut mode = 0) than is everythink ok.

That is problem if you want rendering active shortcut depended selected root page or parent page.

<f:for each="{myNavigation}" as="item">
<a href="{item.link}"
class="{f:if(condition: item.active, then:' active')}
{f:if(condition: '({item.data.doktype} == 4 && {item.data.shortcut} == {data.uid})', then: 'current')}
{f:if(condition: item.current, then:' current')}"
{f:if(condition: item.target, then: ' target="{item.target}"')}