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16:51 Core Task #80962: [Usability][Install tool] Explain "Toggle all" in "All configuration"
[UPDATE] working on latest master - tested now
11:53 Core Feature #80378 (Closed): improve BE filelist upload folders (drag and drop)
I close this issue in favor of #20558 . Please continue the discussion there. Thank you.


10:41 Core Feature #80959 (Closed): [Usability][BE] Put submit buttons into the forms
There has been no feedback since 90 days,so I am closing it for now.
If you think that this is the wrong decision ...


21:29 Core Bug #81216: Disabled pagetree doesn't survive if e.g. an extension is de-/installed with EM
Still an issue with the latest 9.0.0-dev (master)
Steps to reproduce:
1) enter extension manager
1.1) you will...
20:53 Core Bug #82400: Web > Info allows to create pages in disabled languages
@georg. If you use the dropdown in the page header, only active languages are available.
h1. NOTE:
there is an...
17:18 Core Feature #79317: Open page of type "Link to external URL" in new page
In version 8 the link target is still in "Behavior" field, but the dropdown with "new window" (i.e. "_blank") is actu...


21:27 Core Bug #80116: rte_ckeditor displaces dropdown overlays and jumps to top of page on crome/safari
I found this issue again with Chrome (on Mac), both affects 8.7.7 and latest master 9.0.0-dev
10:05 Core Feature #77666 (Closed): Increase searchbox width at suggest wizard
I close this one as it should be already resolved - see attached example screenshot (latest master 9.0.0-dev).
If ...


09:30 Core Bug #77444 (Closed): BELog module error: "vsprintf(): Too few arguments" the second
We’re sorry to have to inform you that this issue will not be fixed as it relates to version 6.2 which was marked uns...


15:27 Grid Elements Bug #82502 (New): EXT:form new elements wizard styles are overridden by t3skin_override.css
The following style in /Resources/Public/Backend/Css/Skin/t3skin_override.css overrides the floats in EXT:form modal ...

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