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14:57 TYPO3 Core Feature #67679 (Closed): Provide a GUI to create links in image captions
A lot of time has passed without progresses (or a resumption of interest regarding this topic); I think that this iss...


23:45 TYPO3 Core Bug #70129: DB Check-> Full Search-> Advanced Query go empty rows
still affects TYPO3 9.4-dev (latest master) (tried only with the "page" table)
22:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #84970 (Closed): data-namespace-typo3-fluid doesn't work if no NS defined in <html> tag
I close this one (see previous comment by Claus Due)
If you think that this is the wrong decision or that there is...
22:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #85431: Using System > Access on a page and then deleting this page leads to exceptions
Steps to reproduce
1) create some pages, eg. as subpages of a known page, click on the page
2) go in Access modul...
22:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #85227 (Needs Feedback): CKEdtior custom config (yaml-file) not working in draft-workspace
I just made a very quick test with 8.7.17 but I am not able to reproduce this one.
- I am using an admin user with...
21:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #81818 (Closed): Option additionalViewModelModules does not append
Hi and sorry for the late answer; as there has been no feedback since the last 90 days, I therefore close this issue ...


22:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #32096: No access for users without access to LIVE workspace
Still present on 9.4.0-dev
22:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #84079 (Closed): Error after creating file containing spaces
Thank you for your feedback; I close this one for now;
If you think that this is the wrong decision or there is s...


00:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #25235 (Closed): List view: editing multiple records does not respect mandatory/optional values
I close this issue: I repeated my last test (comment 4) on TYPO3 7.6.28, 8.7.17 and 9.4-dev (latest master):
1) se...
09:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #83138 (New): rte_ckeditor: Exception, if title-readOnly = true and no titleText is set

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