Epic #84262

Updated by Oliver Hader over 1 year ago

*Main Goals* 

 Should replace old pibase felogin in version 10 
 * Based on extbase and fluid 
 * Should be (mostly) compatible with felogin hooks 
 * Add new hooks 
 * Should remove known felogin bug / issues 
 * Include new requested Features 
 * Easier to extend for developers 
 * Keep `ext:felogin` with according feature flag (for backward compatibility) 


 Add Authredirect-Service to handle core login redirects (Compatible with felogin) 
 * Migrate felogin from old to new 
 * Remove unnecessary code 
 * Refactored existing code 
 * Fix known issues 
 * Add most wanted features 
 * Add Documentation 
 * Bugfixing and refactoring