Task #88755

Updated by Oliver Hader 2 months ago

Setting @addQueryString.method@ @addQueryString@ of @typolink@ could be used like shown below in order to transform HTTP POST parameters into according GET parameters. In terms of correctly using HTTP verbs it's bad practise in general to treat GET and POST equally, besides that documentation already mentioned potential side-effects like accidentally exposing sensitive data submitted via POST to proxies or log files.

That's why values @POST@, @GET,POST@ and @POST,GET@ are not allowed anymore for @typolink.addQueryString.method@. @typolink.addQueryString@. Maintaining functionality - if required at all - has to be done using domain specific logic in according controllers or middleware implementations.

The @POST@ feature has been introduced before TYPO3 v4.0 already, @GET,POST@ and @POST,GET@ were introduced for TYPO3 v4.1 with #16859 in commit:6537dd5c4806419f74e92a4b4855b2a2c108a621