Bug #88858

Updated by Jan Kornblum about 1 year ago

A richtext configuration is set in a flexform (attached to pi_flexform) field:

<pre><code class="xml">
<label>Custom RTE enabled field</label>

As long as no global RTE preset is set anywhere else, the configuration is loaded fine. But as soon as...

<pre><code class="text">
RTE.default.preset = minimal

...is set anywhere else, the per-flexform-field rte configuration gets ignored. Also, it is not possible to explicitly set the preset by tsconfig like this additionally...

<pre><code class="text">

...due to limitations of the "config" section mentioned here: https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/reference-tsconfig/master/en-us/PageTsconfig/TceForm.html