Feature #89208

Updated by Frank Naegler 6 months ago

Now that we have site settings, it should be possible to configure conditions for them.
The syntax should be the same as for form variants (see https://review.typo3.org/c/Packages/TYPO3.CMS/+/54982/ )

Variants should for now be only configurable when directly editing the file (no GUI for now) - but the GUI _must not_ overwrite variants.

Base use cases that should be possible:
- set different values based on language configuration (for example: different values for Lang 0 or 1)
- set different values based on extension load state (for example: isLoaded('news')..)
- set different values based on application context

Make sure the syntax for the use cases - if similar things exist - stays the same in all contexts (for example the first one should allow @siteLanguage.getLocale() == "de_DE"@ as used in form and probably TS conditions)

Example settings.yaml:

<pre><code class="yaml">
storagePid: 15
limit: 10
identifier: EnglishOnly
storagePid: 16
limit: 15
condition: 'siteLanguage.getLocale() == "en_US.UTF-8"'
identifier: DevelopmentContext
limit: 1000
condition: 'applicationContext matches "#Development#"
identifier: NewsIsLoaded
bar: bar
condition: 'isLoaded("news")'