Bug #90178

Updated by Christian Eßl over 4 years ago

Both in page and list module, permissions if a record is editable (and a button should be shown) are handled in BackendUserAuthentication::recordEditAccessInternals().  
 This function has a convenient hook, that makes it possible to apply your own access restrictions on some records. 

 However there appears to be one place in the *page module,* where this function is NOT used to check for record access:  
 *The page edit button. 
 The permissions for this button are internally checked in PageLayoutView::getTable_tt_content(). PageLayoutController::isPageEditable(). 
 I added a screenshot to make it clear which button is meant. 

 For consistency, this button should use BackendUserAuthentication::recordEditAccessInternals(). as well as is done for all other places, where access permissions are checked.