Bug #90339

Updated by Ghanshyam Bhava 18 days ago

I am using TYPO3 version 9.5.13 currently and customize fluid_style_content and created a lightbox view for the image. Check out fluid syntax below:

<f:link.typolink parameter="{f:uri.image(image: gallery.rows.1.columns.1.media, width:gallery.rows.1.columns.1.dimensions.width,
height: gallery.rows.1.columns.1.dimensions.height)}"
additionalAttributes="{data-lightbox: 'lightbox{data.uid}',
data-title: '<div class=\'logo\'>{f:image(src: \'EXT:MyExtension/Resources/Public/Images/logo.png\')}</div><div class=\'lb-content\'>{data.bodytext -> f:format.raw()}</div>'}">Weitere Bilder</f:link.typolink>

I downgraded the TYPO3 version to 9.5.11, in the version its working fine. So, In a nutshell, functionality breaks from TYPO3 9.5.12.