Bug #90790

Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 19 days ago

This issue is present on TYPO3 8.7, 9.5 and 10.4.0-dev (latest master) and even on 7.6

h3. Prerequisites

Multilanguage TYPO3 with at least 2 languages (e.g. Ita(default), Eng (ID=1)

h3. Steps to reproduce

1) Create a page in 2 languages
2) Create a content element in default language and translate it *using free mode*


3) Switch to List view

h3, Resutls:

1) the "Localize To" button is still there (!), albeit the localization is already present


h3. h3 Additonal information

Clicking on it leads to an error page with the message: "1: Localization failed: there already are localizations (XXX) for language 1 of the "tt_content" record XXX!
a) on TYPO3 8 and 9 the page reloads with the error message on top, but no content is created
b) on TYPO3 10.4.0-dev (latest master) an empty page with infinite spinning appears and no content is created
c) on TYPO3 7 the issue is the same but in this case a duplicate element is created